3 Healthy Habits Worth Adopting Today

3 Healthy Habits Worth Adopting Today

Health is Wealth!! We often take our health for granted and when we fall, then we need to rush to doctors to cure and then we try to pamper our health. You can now take some precautions to various levels.



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Breakfast is the first meal of the day, therefore it has to be a heavy and nutritious meal that’s because it helps to recover all the glucose and metabolism rate after a fast of almost  8 to 12 hours It's often said that one should have a breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. Every day in every way we are late and we try to skip our breakfast in order to reach to our work on time but one should never do that according to research people who skip their breakfast have a high risk of low blood pressure, stomach cancer, stomach ulcers and diseases. So, never let yourself and your loved ones skip their breakfast yo keep yourself healthy



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“Weekends” this word brings a smile on everyone’s faces. People often spend their 

weekends just sticking to their beds till 12 pm and then spend their day by doing nothing because of their laziness. Meeting friends and visiting will not only change your mood but directly affect your mental peace which directly relates your health. Instead of this one should try out some weekend task or exercise extra hours than regular days or one can try out some adventure with friends and family this will help you improve your relations with family and friends make yourself enjoy the comfort with them. 



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As much as you eat you should exercise also, that’s because we live in an era where people don’t have time to exercise and then are at a high risk of getting sick again and again exercise helps you to increase your body metabolic rate and helps you feel energetic and strong. Also instead of watching those overrated daily soap dramas, one should switch to comedy shows ! 30 minutes of laughter can burn as many calories as 10 minutes of the walk can and you'll be fit


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