5 Foods That Can Make Negative Impact On Your Brain

5 Foods That Can Make Negative Impact On Your Brain

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Sugar Drinks

As researchers have seen sugar drinks are the main cause of increased diabetes risk in our body so type 2 diabetes has been linked with an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease. Most sugary drinks contain high fructose, which is directly linked to obesity, and high blood pressure. The risk of Dementia and brain inflammation.


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Excessive use of alcohol can cause serious side effects on the brain. It can cause brain volume reduction, metabolic changes, and disruption of neurotransmitters. People who are consuming too much alcohol can have less vitamin B1 and that increases the risk of Korsakoff's syndrome. Because of this syndrome, severe damage to the brain, memory loss, and disturbance in eyesight can happen.


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Aspartame is a part of artificial sweeteners. This sweetener is linked with behavioral and cognitive problems, though the research is controversial. A study conducted in mice has found that repeated intake of aspartame is liked with impaired memory and increased oxidative stress in the brain.


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Refined carbohydrates

This kind of food includes sugar and processed grains like white flour. The high level of glycemic index resulting in a negative impact on brain functioning. 


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Fish high in mercury

Mercury is a substantial metal control and a neurological toxin that can be put away for long in the creature tissue. Extensive ruthless fish are powerless to amassing mercury and convey sum more than 1 million times the convergence of their encompassing water. In the event that an individual ingests mercury, it spreads all around their body, packing in the cerebrum, liver and kidneys. In pregnant ladies, it additionally moves in the placenta and hatchling. The mercury poisonousness can prompt the interruption of the focal sensory system and synapses, bringing about the harm of the cerebrum. High mercury fish incorporates shark, swordfish, fish, orange generally, ruler mackerel and tilefish. Notwithstanding, it's sheltered to have a few serving of other low-mercury angles every week.

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