Experience Your Next McDonald’s order with a AI


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The most popular fast food giant McDonald’s is acquiring Dynamic Yield, which is an Israeli company that uses AI to customize experiences.


According to McDonald’s, Artificial Intelligence will prove to be a helping hand to sell more fast food to customers. McDonald’s says it would use Dynamic Yield technology to alter the menu options which displays the outlet, based on an aspect such as time of day, the weather outside and how busy the restaurant is at that time. They will schedule the menu according to the weather outside.


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Generally customers order accordingly suppose if the weather is warm outside, the menu could offer more options for cold drinks, shakes and ice creams. Whereas if it is cold outside warm tea options will be provided. The system will also recommend customers to order additional dishes or item if they are willing to, based on what they had already ordered.


Steve Easterbrook says,

Technology is a censorious element of our velocity growth plan, enhancing the experience for our customers by providing greater convenience on their terms. With this investment, we’re expanding both our ability to increase the role technology and data will play in our future and the speed which we’ll be able to implement our vision of creating more distinctive experiences for our customers.”

McDonald’s provides service of around 68 million customers every single day. The majority of those people avoid getting out of their car, opting instead to place and pick up their orders at the drive-thru window. And that’s where McDonald’s will establish Dynamic Yield first.


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The acquisition took place over $300million. They are planning to execute the AI based menu and recommendations in restaurants of the United States this year, and subsequently to some other markets next year. This AI based will make it to McDonald’s global ordering app as well.


Many giant companies and startups are switching towards AI technology but All change is not growth as all movement is not forward.

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