"I celebrate, I do not waste" - the campaign of the Food Bank in Krakow

"I celebrate, I do not waste" - the campaign of the Food Bank in Krakow

"I celebrate, I do not waste" - this is the slogan of the information campaign of the Food Bank in Krakow, which wants to draw attention to the problem of wasting food - buying too many products and throwing them away before Christmas.

As emphasized by the organizers of the campaign, encouraged by the promotions and the tradition of 12 Christmas Eve dishes, we buy too much, we set tables lavishly and, in the end, we often throw uneaten portions of Christmas specialities into the trash.

Research conducted by the Federation of Polish Food Banks and McCormick shows that during the pandemic, although Poles visited stores less often, too much shopping happened to a larger group of respondents - before the epidemic, it was 19 percent. people, during its duration 29 percent.

"The respondents believe that they throw away food relatively rarely. What do we throw away? Bread, cold cuts, fresh fruit and potatoes. Almost 2/3 of the respondents stated that they did not throw away meat, fish, eggs. The reasons for wasting are: food spoilage, missing the use-by date , preparing too much food and too much shopping "- said Norbert Konarzewski, director of the office of the Federation of Polish Food Banks. However, he stressed that the most common cause of waste is buying too many products.

The Food Bank in its educational campaign, which will last until December 27, wants to show that there are methods not to spoil the magic of Christmas, but also food. On social media, she will share practical tips on how to plan Christmas shopping and recipes for "zero waste" dishes.

An additional element of the campaign in social media will be a photo competition for the most interesting photo illustrating the idea of ​​not wasting. The contest rules are available on the website of the Association of Food Bank  www.krakow.bankizywnosci.pl . You can follow the Bank's action on its profile on Facebook and Instagram.


The campaign was co-financed from the funds of the Małopolskie voivodship as part of the eco-Małopolska project. "A statistical Pole throws away approx. 200 kg of food products annually, if we compare this with the serious problem of nearly 2 million undernourished people in Poland, this list paralyzes. You can think about how to counteract this and the easiest way is to deliberate shopping" - he emphasized in Friday Deputy Marshal of the voivodeship Tomasz Urynowicz. He added that the funding of the campaign by the voivodship authorities stems from the desire to sensitize Małopolska to social problems - poverty and malnutrition, and from broadly understood concern for the environment.

The Food Bank in Krakow was established in 1997 and has been operating with the support of various social circles and local authorities for 23 years. Since the establishment of the Association, he has collected almost 70 million kilograms of food products worth PLN 250 million. The collected food, through more than 200 partner organizations, goes each month to tens of thousands of people who are in a difficult life and material situation. Only in the year of the pandemic, it was possible to collect 1.5 thousand from retail chains, producers and distributors. tonnes of food worth nearly PLN 14.5 million (PAP)

author: Małgorzata Wosion-Czoba

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