KFC launches test run of ‘miracle’ non-meat nuggets

KFC launches test run of ‘miracle’ non-meat nuggets

At a restaurant in Atlanta, Kentucky Fried Chicken has been tested. The C of KFC is not matching here as the company is offering a Miracle in the form of plant-based fake meats. If customers would love this plant-based meat then KFC might extend to more places.

The fact behind plant-based meat alternatives is, it's used since decades but some handful restaurants are adding them in their menu.KFC is all set to join the company of Carl's  Jr, Burger King, and Del Taco. But wait! KFC isn't going to be completely green but will also attract vegetarian customers. https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/kzXZbAeTXGLnbZ-lulK1dbsbE5zfI-DF9MUw6PIPu-m5OE83bds4y0qsO6nPay5A48dK3cMRn5kV9SpDMqMP1FFmYa_-OKmd_1R40MYp5qJ9WJRzoNrPuxm6LxsSOh-HZkQheNzQ

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KFC has come up with a new concept in food industry and we should appreciate it.To all the meat lovers don't worry KFC will serve Chicken basket also.

As far as plant based meat  is concerned we all should try it It's customers own choice whether they want to order it again or not.On the other hand on a planet full of people it's hard to feed everyone with meat . Everyone should limit their intake of having meat if we want the food rates to be in budget and not touch heights of heavy costs.The meaty meal can be a great alternative for Earth and our digestive tracts.

Currently the miracle suggests will be available in Atlanta location.You can get them with Nashville Hot, Honey BBQ, or Buffalo sauces.