Some Strange Restaurants to Eat in the US

Some Strange Restaurants to Eat in the US

When it comes to dining out, the United States of America is second to none. Cities like New York offer some of the best places to have quality food servings with your friends and family members. Some of the common restaurants that have attracted tourists in the United States over the years include Katz’s Deli in Manhattan, Snow’s BBQ in Texas, Ameci Italian Kitchen in California and their quality appetizers give them every reason to come back. There are a countless number of other places to eat that are a feast for one’s belly.

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If you are new to the country or about to visit some places there, let us provide you with some important information about food places that you should try. You might want to visit these places exactly because of their unusual style that sets them apart from the rest. Either way, we have compiled a list of some of the most uncommon dining places in the U.S.

#Ninja Restaurant, New York


Based on the Japanese tradition, Ninja is a ninja-themed restaurant in New York City where you get more than just good food.

When you enter the restaurant, your waiter, who is dressed up as a ninja, takes you through several paths of tunnels and bridges before you can make it to your table. Furthermore, they entertain their customers with various tricks while they enjoy the food. You should try their Katana Signature dish which is an Angus Steak teriyaki combined together with other delicacies to make the unique taste stand out.

#Harvey Washbangers, Texas

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Waiting and having nothing to do when you are washing your laundry can be a drag but some places have found a way to change that.

Make your way to Harvey Washbangers in College Station, Texas where you can wash your clothes and enjoy a meal in the same place, at the same time. This laundromat restaurant is combined together with a grill and bar attached to the place. The menu involves fast food such as Buffalo Wings, Chili, Chorizo and their signature Banger Burgers.

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This is actually a great way to earn more profit as people become more likely to spend more money on meals as they wait for their laundry to get done while they finish their food.

#The Safe House, Wisconsin

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Want to experience a career as a spy? Now’s your chance! Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this restaurant is espionage-themed one where you can get in the place with a secret password.

However, if you don’t have a password, you need to work for it. Complete your first mission of waddling like a penguin for 30 seconds before you can gain entry. Their menu is American food where you can try out their ‘specialities’ dishes such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, Spicy BBQ pork ribs and Agent Provocateur steak sandwich.

#Magic Restroom Café, California

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Located in Los Angeles, Magic Restroom Café is a bathroom-themed restaurant that somehow made the concept of food and bathroom work together. When dining, you sit on porcelain toilet seats that thankfully do not function like a normal toilet. You are than served Taiwanese dishes in ceramic miniature toilet bowls. Even if the food is tasty, the perspective of, say leftover beef stew and rice, does not offer the best of visuals when enjoying a meal.


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