Wine pairing - how to choose wines with dishes?

Wine pairing - how to choose wines with dishes?

Wine pairing is the art of matching wines to the dish. If you want to know a bit about it, read the post below. You're welcome!

Wine pairing

Wine goes well with many dishes, provided you choose it well. Wine pairing is an art that brings out various aromas by combining culinary flavors with wine. Before we go into what kind of wine goes with a dish, however, let's take a look at the history of wine.

Wine pairing - a short story

Wine was known in the world even before our era. The first traces of it were found in Georgia, as well as in what is now known as Iran. Egypt and Greece also knew the taste of wine well. Wine pairing itself was   made famous in the United States only in the 1980s. So far, wine is served as an addition to various dishes or desserts, and thanks to the right selection, its taste can be extremely aromatic.

How to choose wine for a dish?

There are several types of wines: white, red, pink, sweet, semi-sweet and dry. Each of them will go well with other flavors. So how do you combine them?

  • White wine - it is refreshing, so it is often served before a meal to stimulate the appetite,
  • Red wine - sweet wine is usually served with cheese, while red and dry wine goes well with meat dishes,
  • Rosé wine - this light wine is usually served with desserts.

As you can see, wine pairing is a really interesting art that requires a good knowledge of the flavors. Try to combine the flavors yourself to get the aroma out of them!


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