World Carbonara Day, a popular dish of Roman cuisine

World Carbonara Day, a popular dish of Roman cuisine

Tuesday was declared World Carbonara Day, one of the most popular dishes in Italian cuisine. On this occasion, the defenders of culinary traditions remind us what mistakes should not be made when preparing this dish, a specialty of the capital region of Lazio.

Italian food producers and the International Organization of Pasta Producers joined the celebration of the day. The celebration is attended by restaurateurs, chefs, culinary bloggers, experts and the media. 

In the five years since Carbonara Day is celebrated, news of this calculated, also thanks to the Internet, has reached a billion people. 

According to the original recipe, carbonara is a dish that requires only five ingredients: pasta, eggs, salt-marinated pork cheek meat, hard goat pecorino cheese and pepper. No cream, onion or plain bacon - emphasize the connoisseurs. 

“Fantasy and need can create recipes inspired by this dish. But don't call it a carbonara. Carbonara is unique, like Venice, ”said Riccardo Felicetti of the pasta producers' association. 

"This year," he added, "we want to show that you can also get the perfect dish by using only classic ingredients."

A few weeks earlier, the fury of the defenders of traditional cuisine in Italy was sparked by a recipe for carbonara with the addition of tomato paste, published by the New York Times. 

But, as it is noted, despite the protests of "conservatives", various variants of the dish are created with a creamy egg sauce, for example with the addition of grated black truffle, saffron or lemon peel.

"Her majesty carbonara" - this is what this dish is sometimes called in Rome, where it is considered iconic. On Tuesday, some chefs from various districts of the Eternal City made an appointment to compete in its preparation.

Like many events during the pandemic, Carbonara Day is also moving online, where you can follow the world's largest home cooking of this dish. It is an idea of ​​the Italian Food Producers Association. 1.4 million photos of this dish have already been posted on social media in connection with Tuesday's celebration.

It is also an inspiration for other culinary ideas. Carbonara-flavored ice cream was created in Milan. There are also such burgers, pizzas and croquettes.

According to gastronomy historians, this dish appeared in culinary magazines in the 1950s. 

From Rome Sylwia Wysocka (PAP)