World Pizza Day: celebration mostly at home

World Pizza Day: celebration mostly at home

World Pizza Day is celebrated on Sunday, the feast of Saint Anthony the Abbot; in Italy, he is the patron saint of bakers. In the year of the pandemic in Italy, the celebrations will move home, because in most of the country venues only sell to take away.

Traditionally, in Italy, where 8 million pizzas are baked daily, a day dedicated to this speciality of native cuisine is especially celebrated and is also an occasion to discuss the cultural heritage and its protection.

The choice of this day is a combination of the sacred and the profane, because, according to the long tradition, on the feast of Saint Anthony the Abbot, bakers, also "pizzaioli", closed their premises and celebrated with the family.

World Pizza Day was established in 2017 in Italy - also for lovers abroad - after the art of baking this speciality by bakers from Naples was entered on the UNESCO list of human heritage. This is how it was decided to commemorate this event.

Although this delicacy has many varieties, both in terms of the type of dough and the side dishes, most Italians stay true to the classic version and choose Margherita.

Sunday is the first day of further restrictions in Italy. In 15 of the 20 regions, food & beverage outlets can only sell takeaway and home deliveries.

Pizza at the table can be eaten in Campania, the cradle of the Neapolitan variety, considered the best.

As in most of the country you cannot get baked goods straight from the oven in a pizzeria, this year Italians will also try their hand at home, as evidenced by the massive purchases of flour and yeast in recent days.

Two-thirds of Italians bake pizza at home at least twice a month during the pandemic, according to a recent poll; a year ago it was on average once.


Pizza in this difficult time is a delicacy that brings exceptional relief - it is noted in the analysis of this market, which, despite the crisis, is in good condition.

It goes to tables in homes more often than usual. One of the main Italian food delivery companies reported that its customers ordered a Margherita last year with a total area of ​​20 football fields.

From Rome Sylwia Wysocka (PAP)

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