5 Games every student must Play

Hi Guys,

After a long time I am here but as of my hobby I am here with amazing topic 5 Games for students so if you are a student of any stream you should play these games because games help a lot to grow your brain and these are the games which will boost your IQ every way. SO let's start to make it amazing.

Fireburst (PC)

First Burst is one of the amazing game and you must play this because of the racing game brain always generate some important hormones from glands which can enhance your reflex action level so at the time of playing this game when you will focus on scores your brain get the things for its inbuilt clock to do the things. If you want to make it better play it at high speed.


Age of Wonders 3 (PC)

It is the game of strategy and you must train your brain to make strategies because in real life also everything is dependent on strategies on which you are working even your whole life can be beautiful if you can make the best strategy to live it so this is the best game to help you in this and make your level up for real-life problems also.


Stronghold Crusader 2 (PC)

This is the simulation game in every case simulation games are very helpful to learn things because when you are practicing the things without fear brain can gain more. So if you didn't try this please try because this is the main thing which can prepare your brain for real-life challenges.


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