5 Games You Should Play Before You Die

PC games are being played in the whole world, It makes us feel that we are some kind of professional fighter or racer with their high-level graphics and story. Their user-friendly interface makes us feel that we are an alive character in that game.

So today I am going to tell you about 5 awesome games that you should at least play once before you die.


I am a diehard fan of all the version of this game but this is something different. You will really feel like that you are on the battlefield of future. For those who have such fancy systems, this is the game that makes that investment worth it. Of particular note are the extremely high-resolution textures that look fantastic on even 4K systems.

When it comes to multiplayer, however, the characters come to life. Instead of running and gunning, you can now run-and-gun-and-jump-and-boost-and-shield-and-cloak and do so much more and it’s all good fun.


This game is just made for the people who want good graphics with decent gameplay. The game is easy enough for a rookie to barely survive till the end, but veteran gamers will absolutely love the depth that this game offer.

According to me, this is the best RTS game available on the market right now. The depth of gameplay, superb graphics are some decent features which makes it best in the class. This is must play the game for any RTS fan.


Mortal Kombat edition delivers a full action-packed experience for the user. Its lengthy mysterious story mode provides an awesome single-player experience. It has got one more mode I.e. Challenge tower mode, which is exceptionally marvelous.

Availability of different types of modes makes Mortal Kombat an engaging experience. Its deadly and thrilling fighting environment will give you goosebumps. This is specially designed for the gamers who love fighting.

4. FIFA 18

For soccer lovers, this new release of FIFA is simply amazing. FIFA 17 was not up to the mark due to its low-scoring but this the changes made in FIFA 18 makes it best Football game of now.

You can finally get nail-biting, high-scoring games in "FIFA 18," as it's much easier to score goals than it was in last year's "FIFA 17." And that goes for both you and the opposition. You can substitute players a lot more quickly, which is incredibly meaningful when you're playing with friends or online.

5. Grand Theft Auto-V

GTA again has launched one of his most awaited games and as expected it is the best game in its category. Its the complete game means it has got decent graphics with excellent gameplay. It looks more realistic than its previous releases. The newly designed weapons give you the feel of true fighting and action game.

This is a series that has consistently been the most convincing and the most cinematic in games, and GTA V continues that tradition with aplomb.