3 Gaming Chairs which really change your gaming experience


Vertagear S-Line SL2000 Racing Series Gaming Chair

The majestic chair for game lovers with effortless assembly, solid structure, comfort padding, uniformed aesthetics, adjustable seat height, adjustable backrest, adjustable armrest, and extra accessories. It comes with full package in black color with material padding, armed included,  and racing style wheels. It has full audio integration like adjustable headrest, swivel, and steel.


Secretlab Titan Prime PU Leather Ash Gaming Chair

Should you feel tired at the work area, the backrest can be leaned back in reverse the whole distance. Ideal for sleeping or viewing your most loved recordings in an agreeable position. The TITAN's backrest is significantly taller and more extensive, so even the individuals who are up to 195cm in tallness can rest serenely. With regards to ergonomics, we don't stop at the diagram of the seat. Our armrests are intended to be incredibly agreeable and flexible. Left, right, calculated left, calculated right, front, in reverse, up, down — there will be a setup that suits your inclination. They have likewise covered the armrest with PU that is delicate to contact yet holds the completing properties required for a decent grasp. The TITAN comes bundled with an amazingly agreeable head cushion. The head pad is made of delicate stretch cotton, and secured with an extravagant velvet velour. The multi-useful tilt system gives you full power over the suspension of the seat. The TITAN can be secured while a tilt position, or even be tilted in reverse in an upstanding position. Developed to be superbly adjusted, our aluminum wheel bases give both immaculate soundness and quality. 


Vertagear Racing Series P

To prevent repetitive stress, they have designed it with correct ergonomic posture which gives you the flexibility to be seated for a long time. Seat adjustment provides you more independence to customize your own way of sittings. There are many features like adjustable armset, adjustable backrest, and comfort padding makes it really comfortable chair for you.

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