5 Best Games Deals | Shop Now to start Gaming

5 Best Games Deals | Shop Now to start Gaming

Far Cry 5  (PC/Promo-Vollversion)

Buy Far Cry 5 Uplay now and get the Uplay activation key in minutes by e-mail - cheap, fast and secure! Unlock Ubisoft's new egoshooter for PC on Uplay with the key and download it conveniently. Experience another exciting adventure with Far Cry 5 - this time in the heart of the USA!

Like its predecessors, Far Cry 5 offers a fascinating and crazy story. This time, you are going to the open world in the US state of Montana. There, a religious sect, under the leadership of the self-proclaimed prophet Joseph Seed, is terrorizing Hope County. Stop the low machinations of the cultists and finally bring peace back to the region. Far Cry 5 offers you various possibilities and new features to recover it. So the game offers you now in addition to ground fighting and aerial combat from propeller aircraft. In addition, your character will be given a companion dog called Boomer, who will do his best to assist you on your missions.Go into nerve-racking battles!

Far Cry 5 also offers another two-player co-op mode. Experience the exciting story with a friend. At the same time, the latest offshoot of the Far Cry series is trying to be more realistic. So the dialogues are made more realistic and the minimap falls away. Instead, you will receive a kind of compass that invites you to explore the open world on your own and immerse yourself even deeper in the gameplay experience.Fight religious fanaticism!

Travel Far Cry 5 from your PC into the depths of the US and free Hope County from its terrorizing, religious fanatics!

Far Cry 5 Uplay download and installation

Buy Far Cry 5 now and get the Uplay activation key in minutes by e-mail - cheap, fast and secure! We also offer you a guide for free download and installation of Uplay. After purchasing the Far Cry 5 Key, you will receive all necessary information from us for the download along with the key via email.


Metal Gear Survive (PC)

Buy Metal Gear Survive now and get the key to Steam activation via email in minutes - cheap, fast and secure! Unlock the new Shooter con Konami for PC on Steam with the Key and download it conveniently. Fight for your survival! Do not hesitate and loose and buy the Metal Gear Survive Key now.Metal Gear Survive is the new spin off of the popular Metal Gear series. Battle alone or with friends and fight against the zombies of another dimension for survival.

Metal Gear Survive takes you to another dimension. The destruction of the mother base opens a wormhole and rips both parts of the base and soldiers with it. Six months later, you'll be sent through the wormhole to World Dite - your job is to survive, find missing soldiers, and seek a cure for a weird infection. Metal Gear Survive lives up to its name. To survive, you must constantly search for new food and water and other supplies. You will meet the Wanderer Zombies. The more you defeat from yourself, the more Cuban energy you collect. With it, you can rise in rank and improve your abilities.

Save your comrades!

In the world of Metal Gear Survive, you can either survive alone or in a team of up to 4 players to survive. Set up fortifications with your comrades and take care of strategically important points for appropriate defensive measures to master the ever-increasing waves of enemies.

Cleverly plan your battles!



Buy Final Fantasy XV - Windows Edition now and get the key to Steam activation via email in minutes - cheap, fast and secure! Unlock Square Enix's new RPG for PC on Steam with the Key and download it conveniently. Fulfill your destiny! Go straight and buy the Final Fantasy XV - Windows Edition Key.

With Final Fantasy XV - Windows Edition, the latest chapter in the popular role-playing game series is finally coming to your PC. Experience an exciting tale of treason and adventure and set out to retaliate and free your people.

In Final Fantasy XV - Windows Edition, as Prince Noctis, you play Lucis Caelum, heir to the ruling family that protects Lucis, the capital. Through betrayal, the hostile Empire Niflheim succeeds in killing your father and stealing a powerful magic crystal. Embark on a journey with your Companions Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto to retaliate and fulfill your destiny. These not only accompany you through the story but are also at your side in battles. These run in Final Fantasy XV - Windows Edition in real time. Fight against the most diverse enemies in fast and exciting battles. To get the upper hand in the fighting, you can visit a variety of dungeons or fulfill a variety of missions and side quests in the open world

Gather your companions!

In addition to the content of the main game, the Final Fantasy XV - Windows Edition even offers the content of the Season Pass. These offer you a lot of new missions and bonus items that make the game experience even more complete.

Grow beyond you in Final Fantasy XV - Windows Edition and fulfill your destiny - now also on your PC!