During Quarantine Period Play This Game To Learn About Life

During Quarantine Period Play This Game To Learn About Life

During this period of time when we are working from home, we need to understand the importance of life because life comes with responsibility, you should be humble to Nature because you have got life in this beautiful earth to understand the importance and evolution of life play THE EVOLUTION OF TRUST  it will take your 30 minutes but I am sure after this you will get a better and good understanding of your life.

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This game has total 8 steps:

You have one choice. In front of you is a machine: if you put a coin in the machine, the other player gets three coins – and vice versa. You both can either choose to COOPERATE (put in coin), or CHEAT (don't put in coin).


Now, let's play for real. You'll be playing against 5 different opponents, each with their own game "strategy". With each opponent, you'll play anywhere between 3 to 7 rounds. (You won't know in advance when the last round is) Can you trust them? Or rather... can they trust you?


It's tournament time! Each character will now play against every other character: that's 10 paired matches, and 10 rounds per match.

Who do you think will get the highest total score? Think carefully about it... and then PLACE YOUR BETS: 


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Conclusion Of Game

Trust keeps a relationship going, but you need the knowledge of possible future repeat interactions before trust can evolve.

You must be playing a non-zero-sum game, a game where it's at least possible that both players can be better off -- a win-win.

If the level of miscommunication is too high, trust breaks down. But when there's a little bit of miscommunication, it pays to be more forgiving.