Google's New Stadia Challenges Xbox & Playstation

Amazing News!

Be ready because Google is going to launch amazing technology to change your whole gaming experience. Unveiled this at GDG 2019, this Gaming service of Google will give full competition to Xbox and PlayStation.


What's Google Stadia?

It's basically a cloud-based gaming service developed by Google. Like other traditional gaming platforms or devices it will have its own services and special devices but unlike traditional gaming device and platforms now you don't need to download the game to play, you can play it quickly in your browser. It's Google first take in the mainstream gaming industry.  

How it's different from other gaming experiences?

In the current experience of gaming, you need to download the game and then you are able to play that game, you must have proper ram and hard disk for that but just think if you can play many amazing high graphics game in your web browser. Yeah, it's possible because Google Cloud services have the power to support this kind of games. Now you can easily play any amazing game from your phone, laptop, and tablet browser.

Now No Downloads, No Updates, No Install, Just Nothing!

The primary hassle with gaming experience is setup and updation wit dependencies but now it's possible to remove all these steps because with stadia you can experience unique gaming experience, the experience will like as video streaming through Netflix. All you need to play the game now is an internet connection, other things you don't need to worry about because Google will take care of everything. Be ready with good internet connection and browser only.

Where You Can Play Google Stadia?

You can play any type of screen: TV, laptops, desktops, tablet or mobile phones. The company aiming to offer resolution up to 4k and 60 frames per second with HDR so now don't hesitate in playing the game.

In which countries Google Stadio will launch in 2019?

The company is yet to announce pricing and availability. As of now, they are targeting the US, Canada, and the UK. Google will cover the rest of Europe later this year. They will launch Google Stadia soon, there is no doubt in that.

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