Start the new year with these rocking games!

Start the new year with these rocking games!

The new year has already started and we are excited to show you some new games which you will definitely love. Being a game lover you must be excited to follow up with all the new games which have entered the new year trend. Play with games with enthusiasm and have a thrilling experience.

1. Tower 3-d

Your task is to control the flying machines of different sizes and capacities to and from the dynamic runway for landing and departure. To assist you with assuring the protected development of the planes on the ground and noticeable all around the Tower! 3D gives flight strips, ground, and air radar screens and full 3D perspectives on the air terminal. 

Key Features: 

1. 3 photorealistic air terminals 

2. Propelled AI pilots to pursue your directions 

3. Dazzling 3D rendering of the air terminals 

4. Runway assignments for showing up and withdrawing airship might be changed 

5. Runway crossing point departures are reproduced 

6. Progressed steering to and from the runways and terminals can be relegated 

7. Dynamic lighting and shadows, day-night cycles give a dazzling visual encounter 

8. Live air terminal with administration autos for planes and vehicle traffic around the air terminals.

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2. Tracon 2012 New York Sector add-on

New York Approach and Departure is one of the busiest airspaces of the world. Feelthere presented the part with six included air terminals, New York, Farmingdale, Teterboro, Newark, La Guardia, Long Island Mac Arthur. 


1. Progressed man-made brainpower (AI) pilots pursue complex pinnacle directions when they fly their SID/STAR tracks 

2. Full voice control conceivable utilizing Microsoft's discourse SDK voice acknowledgement innovation ** 

3. Dynamic climate reenactment 

4. Complex reenactment enable you to encounter the genuine obligations of a pinnacle controller 

5. The flying machine will adhere to complex guidelines 

6. A significant number of the recently given FAA directions are reenacted 

7. Climb by means of the SID, Descend by means of the STAR directions are incorporated 

8. Visual methodology leeway is reenacted 

9. Reasonable separation estimating including computation of the nearest point between moving targets 

10. Reasonable plane exhibitions 

11. In-flight crises

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3. Tower 2011 Las Vegas KLAS Airport Add-on

In 2009 KLAS was ranked 17th busiest airport in the world based on passengers, and 8th based on aircraft movements. An average day at McCarran sees 1,400 aircraft movements. With its interesting 4 runway layout it was an obvious choice for feel there’s the first airport. The airport and the radar's reversed layout are intentional not an error. This layout was verified by local controllers.

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