2020 was bad but not too bad

2020 was bad but not too bad

We all have lost some of the things in 2020, some of us lost our loved ones, some jobs, some other things but we need to understand we all got one thing which is LEARNING ABOUT HEALTH AND NATURE, we have got to know about nature's rule of balance and we need to maintain it anyhow otherwise things can be more than worst. We have seen nothing had worked out, we all were trying mainly our doctors and scientist and thanks to them but somethings are really beyond our control sometimes if we make it worst so we need to understand the learning of 2020 and move ahead for 2021 with a determination to make things better in terms of nature's balance and health of our own and loved ones.

For businesses

Yeah, many of the businesses have got affected because of this pandemic situation that's why we wanted to help them however we can.

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Families who lost their loved ones

We know we can't revert your loss but take care of yourselves and family and stay strong.


Doctors, forces, and other volunteers who helped us in this tough time

We are very thankful to people who helped us in this bad time with all their efforts.


For our users

Thanks for staying with us, we are working hard to give you news, stories, and the best things to read. We know you all know about this. 


For 2021

We hope 2021 will come with more positive news and good things. Yeah, challenges will be always there but we are prepared.


For all people who worked from home

We are also thankful people who worked hard by working from home from their laptops and desktops to make sure we are connected and getting information.