3 Best Mask to save yours and your Family’s Life in 2020

3 Best Mask to save yours and your Family’s Life in 2020

Winner Disposable Masks


We know the importance of masks right now in the world, it is important to have both types of masks reusable and disposable and it will depend on the place where you are going which one to wear.

The mask introduced in this post is disposable and it is best suitable for:

-While traveling as it would require more time and can contaminate you.

-While going to Grocery Shopping.

-Dealing with people who are regularly going out daily.

Skulls With Surgical Masks Backpack/knapsack by B0rwear - STANDARDhttps://www.tqlkg.com/image-8076976-13957965

The scope of application for medical units or family for one-time care.

Main Features: Consists of at least three layers of non-woven fabric and masking tape. Air permeability should be not less than 0.10m / s; Non-oily particle filtration efficiency should not be less than 20%; Ethylene oxide sterile masks

【Instructions for use】

1) Open the small package, the masks nose clip side up, the ends of the rubber band hanging in both ears (ear type)

2) Tap the nose clip to fit it to the bridge of the nose, then press the nose clip and pull the mask down to the lower jaw.

3) finishing masks wear effect, covering the bridge of the nose to the jaw to get the protective effect.

50pcs face mouth masks disposable mask solid color non woven disposable anti dust surgical medical earloops masks inghttps://www.lduhtrp.net/image-8076976-13650668


1) After the product is used, it should be handled by the hospital or environmental protection department.

2) This product may not replace medical surgical masks or medical protective masks.

3) This product can be used with a stable physiological saline cleaning cotton and other products.

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-Pitta Mask Non-Disposable


When the product is opened for the first time, it will have a slight taste. If you are uncomfortable with this smell, it is recommended that you leave the product cool by placing it in a ventilated place. Also, it Uses the funds of the trade union to give everyone the benefits, the air permeability is good, no, can also be used repeatedly, praise!

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-Teyoda Children’s Anti-haze mask


There are four layers, the spray cloth is very thick, and the children use it very well.

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