300 days of the epidemic have passed - it's time to start thinking about returning to normal

300 days of the epidemic have passed - it's time to start thinking about returning to normal

Today, after 300 days of the epidemic, we can start thinking about returning to normal! This opportunity appears thanks to the vaccine - Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on social media on Sunday afternoon.

"Yesterday, the first batch of 10,000 doses was delivered to Poland. By the end of the year, another 300,000 doses will be delivered to us. The pace of deliveries will increase from week to week. determined order "- assured Prime Minister Morawiecki.


As he added, "you must be aware that the National COVID-19 Immunization Program is the largest logistic operation in decades". "Thanks to the last months of hard work of the government and all services, we are very well prepared and determined to finally free ourselves from the epidemic" - emphasized the head of government, adding that entire teams of the best scientists in the world were working on this vaccine. "We will provide free doses to anyone who wants to. The rest is up to you" - he pointed out.

He also pointed out that we must take into account that the number of infections may increase in 2-3 weeks. "We are threatened with a third wave of diseases. Let's do everything to prepare for it as well as possible. Remember that the virus works with delayed ignition. I hope that this will be the last moment when the coronavirus will threaten our society" - he assessed.

He also thanked the entire health service and other uniformed services, especially the Territorial Defense Forces, for their constant support in the fight for the health of Poles and for saving our countrymen in Great Britain in recent days. "In a few days the beginning of the New Year. It may be a good year for Poland, much better than the passing one. We will do everything to make it happen. Let this time of sacrifices finally pass. Our fate is solely in our hands" - summed up the Prime Minister.

The first delivery of vaccines arrived in Poland from Pfizer's Belgian warehouse in Puurs on Friday. The transport went to the warehouse of the Material Reserves Agency in Wąwałki near Tomaszów Mazowiecki. Here he was separated and reached 72 so-called junction hospitals. The first vaccination against COVID-19 began in them on Sunday. The first person vaccinated in Poland was the head nurse of the hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Warsaw, Alicja Jakubowska. "It didn't hurt!" - she assured right after Dr. Artur Zaczyński took the needle out of her arm.


By the end of January, 1.5 million doses of the vaccine should be delivered to Poland. The National Immunization Program assumes that, first of all, healthcare sector employees (e.g. doctors, nurses and pharmacists), employees of DPS and MOPS as well as auxiliary and administrative staff in medical facilities, including sanitary and epidemiological stations; then seniors, uniformed services, teachers. (PAP)

author: Natalia Kamińska

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