Alma wins the Global Aesthetic Award 2020 from MyFaceMyBody

Alma wins the Global Aesthetic Award 2020 from MyFaceMyBody

NUREMBERG, Germany, January 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / - Alma, one of the world's five largest manufacturers of devices for medical and aesthetic treatments, received the Global Aesthetic Award 2020 for the innovative treatment of the year. The awards ceremony was held during a ceremony hosted by MyFaceMyBody.

Alma received an award for the introduced ClearSkin PRO applicator, which is twice as powerful as previous solutions, thus allowing for an extraordinary skin rejuvenation effect. ClearSkin PRO provides up to 3000 mJ of non-ablative laser energy per pulse, and its unique features are zero downtime, the ability to perform treatments all year round and treatment safety regardless of skin type.

ClearSkin PRO uses a non-ablative Er: Glass 1540nm laser with simultaneous contact cooling to create coagulation columns, stimulate the synthesis of new dermis and regenerate the extracellular matrix. While maintaining a high level of safety, it leaves the epidermis intact.

"The MyFaceMyBody award is an award worth striving for - it is a proof of trust for customers and confirmation of the quality they need when looking for safe and effective treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine. Alma will continue to use proven technologies, solutions and products to further develop the industry and improve people's quality of life, "said Lior Dayan, Alma CEO.


Alma  is a company that introduces global innovations in the field of laser, light, radio, plasma and ultrasound devices to the aesthetic medicine and surgery markets. By ensuring appropriate safety and effectiveness of devices, we give patients the opportunity to use the latest technologies and treatments that have proven themselves in clinical conditions.

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