Antibodies persist up to 13 months after infection

Antibodies persist up to 13 months after infection

Covid-19 antibodies persist for up to 13 months after infection, according to studies at the University Hospital in Strasbourg. The concentration of these antibodies in the body makes it possible to neutralize the primary coronavirus and the British but not South African variant, the researchers say.

The study emphasized that vaccination with even a single dose enhances protection against variants by significantly increasing the number of antibodies.

The study, which lasted over a year, led by biologist Floriane Gallais and led by Professor Samira Fafi-Kremer, included 1,309 people. It has not yet been published in any scientific journal.

Meanwhile, over the last 24 hours, infection with the coronavirus was confirmed in France in 12,611 people. 89 patients have died in hospitals, and the death toll from the coronavirus has increased to 108,555 since the start of the pandemic, the Public Health Agency (SPF) reported on Saturday.

468 patients were admitted to hospitals, 115 to intensive care units. The number of patients hospitalized for the first time in many months fell below 20,000. (is 19,765). 3 544 patients are treated in intensive care units.

Since the beginning of the campaign, the first dose of the vaccine has been received by 22,908,758 people (i.e. 34.2% of the population and 43.6% of adults), and 9,690,645 also the second dose (i.e. 14.5% of the population and 18.5% of adults). . adults). During the last day, 453,307 people were vaccinated, of which 362,070 with the first dose, and 91,237 - with the second.

From Paris Katarzyna Stańko (PAP)

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