E-cigarette flavorings can hurt your heart

E-cigarette flavorings can hurt your heart

The aromas used in e-cigarettes increase the toxic effects of nicotine on heart cells, according to a study published by the American Journal of Physiology.

Scientists from the University of South Florida tested the toxicity of an aerosol containing popular aromas - fruity, cinnamon or vanilla on the heart cells grown in the laboratory of mice. All the aerosols were toxic, with the vanilla flavour being the strongest.


The heart cells, cultured from human pluripotent stem cells, were then treated with an aroma-free and nicotine-free aerosol, a nicotine aerosol and an aerosol containing nicotine and vanilla flavour. The first aerosol disturbed the electrical activity of cells, the second additionally caused a toxic effect, and the third (with vanilla flavour) intensified this harmful effect even more.

The researchers continued their research with mice that were regularly exposed to a vanilla-flavoured aerosol for 10 weeks. They found that the aerosol had a negative effect on heart rate variability and increased susceptibility to ventricular tachycardia (an abnormal heart rhythm).

“Electronic nicotine inhalers, tempting with various aromas and popular especially among young people, are not safe for health. These studies indicate that inhaled aerosol affects the work of the heart and may lead to heart rhythm disturbances, ”comments the author of the analysis, Dr. Sami Noujaim.

More - on the publication's website (DOI: 10.1152 / ajpheart.00283.2020) (PAP)

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