Darknet offers Western vaccines for Covid-19

Darknet offers Western vaccines for Covid-19

Western Covid-19 vaccines have been offered to sell Western Covid-19 vaccines in the darknet, the online black market, say Russian computer companies. It is unclear whether the offers are fictitious. Vaccine trafficking is facing six years in prison.

On the "dark side" of the Internet, where all kinds of illegal trade are flourishing, there are more and more offers for the sale of Pfizer / BioNTech, AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines, specialists who found 15 sales platforms told Izvestia. Traders want an average of $ 500 for a dose of the preparation, and payments are mainly accepted in bitcoins. According to KasperskyLab, the sales offers come from France, Germany, Great Britain and the USA.

Many advertisers have already carried out 100 to 500 transactions, Izvestia reported. On the other hand, the method of delivering the preparation proposed by the sellers - by post using the so-called dry ice - raises doubts as to whether such a shipment is possible - points out the daily "Kommersant".

There is a prison sentence for illegal trade in drugs that are not officially registered in Russia. Officially, there are still no foreign vaccines against Covid-19 in Russia, and only three preparations of domestic production are available. There is an ongoing vaccination campaign using the Russian Sputnik V.

It is not known when Western vaccines will be available. Vaccinations with Sputnik V are progressing slowly: two doses of the preparation have been taken so far by 2 million Russians and the same number - the first - dose. That's just under 4 percent of the population.

Authorities believe that at least a quarter of the population should be vaccinated in the next two months to prevent a third wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

Anna Wróbel (PAP) from Moscow

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