Drink 8 Glasses of Water Day in a Day Keeps A Doctor Away

Everyone knows water is like a Nectar. Our body has 70% water and we need to maintain this ratio to be healthy always. According to health experts, if you will drink 8 glasses of water ( 2 liters) per day, you will be healthy always. To know more about this we have researched about this topic and talked to some experts about this. Today I am gonna share these facts with you.

Image result for water for life infographicsImage Source - healthworks.my

Water Prevent Health Problems

Constipation - We all know constipation is the big problem of the whole world and to solve this problem you need to increase water intake. According to research, constipation is the most common but critical problem in 18 to 65years of age people. 


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Cancer - Water can save you from cancer also. According to experts, water can decrease the risk of bladder and colorectal cancer.

Kidney Stones - Kidney stones are the most critical problem because of low water consumption. The kidney is the most important part of our body which filters the liquid.

Trust Your Thirst

Maintaining water balance is essential for your survival. According to our biological system, when your total water content goes below a certain level, thirst kicks in. If you are a mother and Athlete you should take more water than a normal man or woman. 

How Much Water Is Best?

Follow the following 4 steps to be happy and healthy and these steps also solve your doubt of how much water is best for you.

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1. When you are thirsty, drink.
2. When you are not thirsty anymore, stop.
3. During high heat and exercise.
4. That's it.

Weight Loss

You can do your weight loss by fulfilling your body water needs but don't drink more than need. The average need for your body for water is 2 liter. Full this need to lose your weight.