Food: What it should be like?

Food: What it should be like?

We all love eating different types of cuisines. This is probably one of the most important things in our life for which we live our life. We love to explore different tastes and aroma of food around the world.

Every single country is known for their legacy of food. The culture and diversity they possess is just remarkable but is this the right vision of food culture we are heading towards?

Currently, food items we are consuming are the biggest reason for most of our problems. It is affecting us in some direct and indirect way though we are not aware of that. Majority of the diseases are occurring due to the bad quality of the food we are taking.


We are the greatest source of money for those giant hospitals and doctors who are charging limitless fees for our treatment. This has now become the biggest business in this world and sadly we are solely responsible for that.

I am not saying just leave everything and start eating like a cow who only eats grasses.

That was the sarcastic comment by the way.

We just need to make some amendment in our life. We can still eat delicious food by using healthy items in the proper way.

Nowadays everyone wants to work in MNC's or desire to get placed under government. We just want to earn limitless money at any cost. We don't know that there will be no life without good food and water.

So what's the reason for earning sacks of money if life resources are exhausting and getting worst. So we need to understand that what we need the most.

The most sarcastic situation would be the one when you fill your stomach with some garbage items(Delicious food) and that also by paying money and again spending some more money to get treated for the diseases caused by that food.

So the conclusion is that just for the taste you have suffered this much.

Life is all about experiencing and enjoying different things.

"You eat for the living, you don't live for the eating"

Mind it!