France will receive 15% of the EU's COVID vaccine pool

France will receive 15% of the EU's COVID vaccine pool

By the end of November, we will sign six contracts for the supply of vaccines against coronavirus - said industry minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher, noting that 15% vaccines purchased by the EU will go to France.

“We have six contracts to supply coronavirus vaccines; four signed and two preliminary contracts, the preparation of which must undergo a validation process "- said Minister Pannier-Runacher on Radio J.


The minister assured that the contracts would be signed by the end of November. “Each of these contracts corresponds to 200 to 300 million doses of the vaccine ordered plus 100 to 200 million optional doses. Only one of these contracts, with Moderna, concerns a smaller volume - 80 million, which is related to the complexity of production, ”said Pannier-Runacher, who is involved in EU negotiations with pharmaceutical companies developing vaccines.

France will receive around 15% of the EU pool of vaccines in proportion to the share in the European population, the minister said.

Pannier-Runacher has not ruled out that the European Medicines Agency could issue the first authorizations for vaccines by the end of December.

"We made sure that almost all vaccines and all ingredients were produced in Europe so that there would be no difficulties with the supply," added the minister.

When asked whether vaccines would be compulsory, the French minister replied that a recommendation "on target, priority audience" is being discussed at the European level.

The minister also assured that 60 million surgical masks and FFP2 masks are produced weekly in France, and that production will ultimately increase to 100 million in December. "We have increased production in France 30 times" - emphasized the minister.

From Paris Katarzyna Stańko (PAP)

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