Fruit and vegetable production sector with a new strategy

Fruit and vegetable production sector with a new strategy

Nutritionists recommend that vegetables and fruits make up half of what we eat. The potential is the utility of this recommendation. 50% is clearer than 5 servings. Half of it is so simple that it gives a chance for a jump in awareness of the role of vegetables and fruit in our diet. More than a dozen producer and processor organizations have undertaken to develop a coherent communication strategy.


The “Half of Success” project was initiated by the National Association of Fruit and Vegetable ProducersIts goal is the synergy of communication between people and organizations creating the sector's offer for consumers. The project is being carried out by the strategic agency INSPIRE smarter branding, and the branding agency Studio Otwarte is responsible for the development of the visual identification system.


“Communication of the sector will change perception: vegetables and fruit in large quantities are food for the few, for example, vegans, for: vegetables and fruit are food for everyone. Vegetables and fruit should make up half of what we eat. Their number on the plate will be a measure of changes in our diet. We put on a plate *, which will popularize our recipe for a healthy diet better than the Food and Nutrition Pyramid, ”says Maciej Dolata, INSPIRE smarter branding.

“We have created a visual identification system to promote fruit, vegetables and their preserves. We are especially pleased with two aspects of cooperation. The first is the uniqueness of this project. The fruit and vegetable sector is extremely diverse, but despite this, we all managed to create an interesting, unifying visual language. We have an identification that connects without depriving us of differences. The second aspect is the positive influence on the eating habits of Poles. More vegetables and fruits simply mean better well-being and health for all of us, ”says Mirosław Kliś, Studio Otwarte.

“We have been working hard in the last few months in the organization of the fruit and vegetable industry. We know that 50% of all our meals should be vegetables and fruits. Fruit in the form of an apple, a cup of berries or juice. We want to popularize these recommendations and see how Polish fruit and vegetables will change the lives of Poles, ”says Paulina Kopeć, Unia Owocowa.

“The most interesting thing about this whole idea is the synergy. We plan to promote such a super symbol. It is easy to imagine and visualize it. Each of us will understand that these half of the plate should be taken by healthy vegetables and fruits. Half a plate and a glass of juice are a great idea for the development of the industry and for taking care of our health, ”says Paweł Eggert, KZPA Aronia Polska Association.

We have worked out really great solutions. We are able to inform the consumer about the health and taste values ​​and all the emotions associated with the consumption of fruit and vegetables ”- says Maciej Majewski, Sady Grójeckie Association.

The leaders announced integration around the developed communication and implementation of a new identification in their activities. The system will be used by all information and education activities financed by the Fruit and Vegetable Promotion Fund, but it is designed so that it can be used in the future by any species.

“The joint strategy + Half of Success + is a great example to follow. I encourage other Funds to cooperate in a similar way - to join forces for the good of Polish consumers and farmers "- says Agnieszka Falba-Gałkowska from the Federation of Industry Associations of Agricultural Producers. (PAP)

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