Gloves are important as Mask while going out, here is why and how to choose one

Gloves are important as Mask while going out, here is why and how to choose one

Masks are very important while going out, as we know very well. Do you know gloves are equally important as masks and sanitizers right now? Gloves will protect you from the virus as obviously, you are going out you will be touching things, sanitizing and everything is fine but again why to take Danger as we know how serious the situation is right now.

Here are some gloves you can order online for your safety.

-PVC protective gloves DHL mail disposable rubber gloves dishwasher kitchen five fingers gloves S/M/L

Protective gloves

Material: PVC

4 sizes, Transparent color

They are present in various Sizes, including Small, Medium, and Large.

Size S: width 7.5--8cm  length  22cm

Size M: width 8.5--9cm  length23cm

Size L:  width 9.5--10.5cm  length24cm

100pcs=1box,Please place your order in multiples of 100pcs, thank you

We also have many protective types of equipment, such as masks, disposable shoe covers, goggles, etc. If necessary, please contact us in time


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-100pcs /a bag Disposable Poly Gloves HDPE Food Service plastic cleaning Gloves for home cleaning factory price

100pcs /a lot Poly Gloves Polyethylene Food Service Disposable Gloves for home cleaning factory price(2)

Type: Poly Gloves


Material: plastic

Pattern: gloves

Package: colour bag


These are transparent gloves which are totally disposable and also can be used while cooking, industry works and much more.


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-Navy Blue Insulated protective Nitrile Disposable Gloves Powder Free (Non-Latex) - pack of 100 pieces gloves Anti-skid anti-acid gloves.

Blue coloured disposable gloves which are anti-acid and anti-skid, available in various colours like navy blue, cream, white, black etc.

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