How exactly COVID-19 gets into you and which body part it attacks first?

How exactly COVID-19 gets into you and which body part it attacks first?

We all have been told that Coronavirus is a transmitting virus which can travel from person to person, but do you know how actually it travels from one person to another and which body part it attacks initially, and how you can save yourself from it?

Coronavirus as resources have stated is not a living cell and that is why it is not possible to kill. It is one of the main reasons why no medicine has been founded for it.

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Coronavirus can live on fat, and that is where it resides and create its effect. The places where fat is not present can last up to 12 hours on those things like plastics, steel anything which does not contain fat. And that is why it has been traveling and spreading worldwide because it is kind of immortal when it is on fat substance, human beings have it and we all know that.

The virus once gets transmitted to your body attack your throat, it will grab your throat and infect it. Sore throat is one of the characteristics of it. At this point, if you are drinking enough warm water, you can cure it yourself as the warm water will take the virus along with it to your stomach and the acid in your liver will destroy the virus.

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At any substance or thing where the virus is present, it can make people get affected by it until 1 km of range. A person carrying the virus can transmit it by sneezing coughing or direct contact. Though many people have recovered from this, doctors are on regular shifts with no breaks, many doctors getting affected by themselves. 

The scariest part is some people, like almost 5% won’t experience any symptoms at all and that could be the worst-case where they don’t know they have the virus!! The best solution is to isolate, wash your hands, sanitize your home and no social contact.


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