Hygiene Care Products For Your Home and Office

Hygiene Care Products For Your Home and Office

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Aloe vera Handwash


XYNOL® Glycerin Hand Wash is a mild, 'skin-friendly' hand cleaning gel with a fresh fragrance. With its rich, smooth, luxurious lather, new XYNOL®Glycerin Hand Wash incorporates special toiletry grade surfactants to lift dirt into suspension, a highly efficient moisturizer which is readily absorbed into the skin to help prevent dryness and now also contains a powerful bactericide with a residual action, to kill the many bacteria with which our hands come into contact every day. These bacteria are the cause of colds, sickness, food poisoning, and dermatitis and can also turn cuts and grazes septic.

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Regular use of new XYNOL®Glycerin Hand Wash increases the strength of this bactericidal action, due to the residual effect, giving enhanced protection against germs for up to two hours after washing.


Home CareFloorex Room

Florex Room Freshner


Xynol® FLOREX is a water-based air freshener featuring a pleasing floral perfume that deodorizes Offices, Clinics, Institutes, guestrooms, banquet halls, cooking areas, washrooms. Water-based air freshener does not use ozone-depleting CFC. Xynol® FLOREX is quite Economical. Xynol® FLOREX is not only refreshing but it also invigorates any space into an exciting celebration.


Home Carefloor Cleaner2

Premium Floor Cleaner

Our brands make it easier for hygiene, health, and wellbeing to be part of everyday life – and that’s something we’re really proud of. We listen to our consumers and customers, we work closely with them, we understand their needs, and we deliver superior value through our products and solutions.

Xynol contains natural pine oils and mild surfactants developed to clean floors and hard surfaces. It also has highly active germicidal and deodorant properties yet has a neutral PH. It can be used on vinyl and thermoplastic tiles, lino, rubber, terrazzo, sealed wood or cork, and quarry tiles. Xynol is ideal as a germicidal cleaner on all hard surfaces. Xynol has a concentrated formulation.


Home Careglass Cleaner2

Glass Cleaner

Window & Glass Cleaner With Protective Silicon Coating XYNOL® Glass Cleaner is a superb glass cleaner for windows, mirrors, venetian blinds, plastics, tiles, ceramics and most surfaces. XYNOL® Glass Cleaner has been designed as an efficient and effective cleaner for windows and glass surfaces. It can be used on venetian blinds, plastics, tiles and most shiny surfaces. The special polish present in XYNOL® Glass Cleaner imparts an outstanding sparkle to glass, resists re-soiling and misting in humid conditions. Features of XYNOL® Glass Cleaner has : Highly active ingredients. Anti-static properties. Non-toxic formulation. Sugar soap-free formula. Benefits of using XYNOL® Glass Cleaner Dissolves dirt, traffic, film, finger marks, waxes and bugs. Helps repel dust, dirt, smudges & fingerprints. Safe to use. No hard rubbing - reduces labor time.

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