International Yoga Day 2019: FootSteps To Keep In Mind Before, During And After Yoga Practice

International Yoga Day 2019: FootSteps To Keep In Mind Before, During And After Yoga Practice

Here we are in the month where 21st June is celebrated as International Yoga Day. Have you planned what asanas will you be performing this Yoga day. Yoga should not be performed only on this particular day rather one should perform Yoga everyday as it rejuvenates your mind,soul and body.Practice of yoga have medical benefits as well. It helps in curing many diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure and alleviating physical injuries and chronic pain. India has been practicing yoga for centuries and now it has also found its way in the western world.

Texans[US] Ready to Bend and Twist on International Yoga Day


In Texas thousands of yoga lovers are all set to roll out their mats to bend and twist their bodies in complex postures on June 21 and celebrate International Yoga Day.

Here are some of the countries who are ready with their mats to perform Yoga and the destinations where yoga will be performed. But Are you ready?

  • Spain:Ibiza,Canary, Islands,Mallorca,Barcelona,Andalusia
  • India: Rishikesh,Goa Kerala,Mysore
  • USA: California,Hawaii,Arizona,New York,Florida
  • UK:Scotland,Kent,Cornwall,Wales,Lake District

and many such...

What's the theme of this Yoga Day?

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The fifth International Day of Yoga will be observed on June 21 in 180 countries around the world. The theme of Yoga Day 2019 is "Yoga for the heart".It works on the all-round development of human beings. They are Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi, Yama, Niyama, and Asana. The Ayush Ministry has come up with a set of guidelines for the yoga practice on World Yoga Day. Here are the steps you should keep in mind before, during and after the yoga practice.


Before Starting Yoga

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  • Cleanliness is an important requirement for Yogic practice.
  • Yoga practice should be done in a calm atmosphere with a relaxed body and mind.
  • While performing Yoga you should be on an empty stomach or light stomach. Or you can consume a small amount of honey in lukewarm water if you feel weak.
  • Keep a mattress, yoga mat, durrie or folded blanket handy before starting the yoga practice.
  • Wear light and comfortable cotton clothes to facilitate easy movement of the body.

During Yoga


  • Start the yoga practices with a prayer or an invocation as to create a conducive environment to relax the mind.
  • Perform yoga asanas slowly, in a relaxed manner, with awareness of the body and breath.
  • Do not try to hold the breath unless it is specially mentioned to do so during the practice.
  • While performing yoga breathing should always be through the nostrils unless instructed.
  • Avoid holding the body tightly, or jerk the body at any point of time.
  • You need to practice daily to get good results, so persistent and regular practice is very essential.
  • There are contra-indications/ limitations for each Yoga practice and such contra-indications should always be kept in mind.
  • Yoga session should end with meditation, deep silence, Shanti Path.

After Yoga Practice

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  • Take a bath only after 20-30 minutes of yoga practice.
  • Food should be consumed only after 20-30 minutes of practice.

Yoga is a light which once LIT will never DIM. Start today itself..

Happy YOGA day!!!


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