Must Have Precautions To Avoid the Coronavirus

Must Have Precautions To Avoid the Coronavirus

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Wash Your Hands Regularly

Before having food or after coming home please wash your hands. Even wash your hands 6 to 7 times a day with soap and warm water. Don't touch the mobile phone during lunch or dinner and use sanitizer.

Avoid close contact with who are sick

Don't come in contact with a person directly who are suffering from this virus because from some sources recently it is confirmed, it is also spreading from human to human. Wear mask before going to that person.

Check your food supply chain carefully

Check your food regularly because it can be affected by the virus. One really important thing is don't consume non-veg food for sometimes because doctors confirmed it has spread from non-veg food only. Even the Chinese govt. temporarily banned non-veg food for precaution.

Stay home when you are sick

If you have a cough or cold don't go to the office. Use a tissue and throw it in the trash after use. Go to the hospital as soon as possible for a checkup.

Don't use common objects anywhere

Don't use common objects like towel, utensils, and other things anywhere. Try to avoid the use of anything outside to avoid any problem. 

Avoid outside food

Avoid outside food because you don't know who is cooking and how it is cooked. It is really important to carry your own food or dry fruits for healthy hygiene or if you are going outside for food please make sure they are having all the precautions which are required for your good health.

Don't take unknown medicines

Don't take unknown medicines because till now WHO has not confirmed any medicine to cure this virus for best suggestion contact your doctor before taking any medicine.

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