Masks in 45 INR, IIT Delhi is ready to deliver

Masks in 45 INR, IIT Delhi is ready to deliver

“The mask is at par with N95 in terms of proper fitting, and engineered filtration layer that could provide up to 98% filtration efficiency," IIT Delhi said.

“The cost of N95 mask used for the protection against GLOBAL PANDEMIC in the Indian market is quite high, making it unaffordable for the masses. People are using surgical masks also but due to loose-fitting of such masks, not securing proper cover around the nose and mouth, this may allow the GLOBAL PANDEMIC to enter or leave from the side edges. Furthermore, the use of sewn cloth face covering or handkerchief is useful only to an extent, not providing sufficient protection due to the absence of non-woven layer," IIT Delhi said.

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“India has several massive challenges ahead – disposal of PPEs (including mask and coveralls) after one-time use and ensuring the minimum use of non-woven technology for making PPEs. Though a non-woven layer is a must for ensuring desired filtration level the loose fibrous structure makes the product disposable after one use. Disposing of synthetic polypropylene non-woven could have a detrimental effect on the environment. Finding other textile solution that offers reusability, biodegradability, affordability, and scalability for PPEs is the need of the hour; this could ensure meeting both the demand and also safeguarding our environment," Bipin Kumar, Professor at the department said.


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