On World Thyroid Day, let's remember about research

On World Thyroid Day, let's remember about research

Lumps in the front of the neck, enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, hoarseness, a change in the timbre of the voice, difficulty swallowing - may be symptoms of thyroid cancer and require diagnostics - remind the creators of the "Butterflies under protection" campaign on the occasion of World Thyroid Day.

It is celebrated on May 25 and is an opportunity to draw attention, among others, to for thyroid cancer.

According to the organizers of the educational campaign "Butterflies under protection" in a press release sent to PAP, about three thousand people are diagnosed with thyroid cancer every year. Women suffer from it three times more often. Among young adults, i.e. people between 20 and 40 years of age, thyroid cancer accounts for as much as one fifth of cancer diagnoses.

In 90 percent. Thyroid cancer therapy is successful in cases, but the key to successful treatment is early diagnosis and awareness of its symptoms. Most often they are palpable swellings in the front part of the neck - the so-called lumps, but there may also be enlargement of the lymph nodes in the neck, hoarseness, change in timbre or difficulty swallowing

So far, scientists have not established the specific causes of the development of thyroid cancer. The factors that may influence the development of the disease include both excess and deficiency of iodine, excessive secretion of the pituitary gland hormone thyrotropin (TSH), which stimulates the thyroid gland to work, exposure to radiation as a result of radiotherapy around the head, neck and chest, genetic factors - in the case of a family history of the disease.

The test that allows detecting the smallest changes in the thyroid gland, including small nodules and inflammations, is an ultrasound of the thyroid gland. They should be done no more than once every two years, unless the doctor has prescribed a different frequency.

As the organizers of the "Butterflies under protection" campaign point out, not all lumps detected in the ultrasound examination must indicate a developing neoplasm. Some of them are harmless and require only further observation. However, if the detected changes raise doubts of the doctor, an appointment with an endocrinologist or a biopsy may be necessary.

The "Butterflies under protection" campaign is carried out by the Polish Amazons of the Social Movement. Its name comes from the fact that the shape of the thyroid gland resembles a butterfly. On the website of the campaign ( https://www.ruchspoleczny.org.pl/kampanie/motyle_pod_ochrona-31.html ) you can learn more about thyroid cancer, its diagnosis and treatment options. People diagnosed with the disease can download a free guide for patients.

On the occasion of the World Thyroid Day, the Polish Amazon Social Movement (PARS) association invites patients and their relatives to an online meeting "Face to face with thyroid cancer" - a live question and answer session with a patient and activist for other patients - Joanna Charchuta. The meeting will be held on the FB profile of the traffic on Tuesday, May 25 at. 17.00-17.45.

During the meeting, Joanna Charchuta will share her experiences related to the treatment of thyroid cancer. He will answer, among others questions about how to look for the information you need, how to find the right treatment center, what you need to know about treatment, how to talk to your doctor, how to be mentally oriented to get the best treatment. (PAP)