Poland in the top 10 among the largest ice cream exporters

Poland in the top 10 among the largest ice cream exporters

Poland is in the top ten largest ice cream exporters in the world; their main recipients are Germany, France and Great Britain, the Polish Economic Institute reported. The most popular among foreign recipients are sorbets.

As PIE pointed out, Polish ice cream exports in 2021 not only maintain a growing tendency, but are growing faster and faster - in the first four months of 2021, the growth dynamics of ice cream exports exceeded that of previous years and amounted to 44%. Every year. The value of ice cream sales abroad in this period amounted to EUR 88 million - analysts said, citing data from the Central Statistical Office.

Poland is in the top ten largest ice cream exporters in the world. "In 2020, our share in global exports amounted to 5%, which gave us the 7th place. Poland is also at the forefront of European ice cream production," we read in the latest issue of "Tygodnik Gospodarczy PIE". In turn, according to Eurostat, our country is the 5th producer in the EU, and the volume of production sold in 2019 amounted to 228.7 million liters.

In 2020, the value of Polish ice cream exports increased by 18%. compared to 2019. According to the data of the Central Statistical Office (GUS), cited in the PIE analysis, in 2020 we sold over 95 thousand tonnes of ice cream worth EUR 211.7 million. "Foreign customers most eagerly purchased in Poland ice cream containing no milk fat or containing less than 3% of the weight of such fats, and therefore mainly sorbets" - it was noted. It was noted that last year Polish entrepreneurs delivered almost 72 thousand. tons of this type of sweets for the amount of about 159 million euros, which accounted for 75 percent. ice cream exports from Poland. The second important commodity item, with 20.3 percent. participation was ice cream containing milk fat (over 7% fat mass), which sold approx. 21 thousand. tons for over 43 million euros.

The largest recipients of ice cream from Poland are the countries that are the largest producers in the EU. "The share of Germany in Polish ice cream exports in 2020 reached 26 percent, France - 13 percent, and Great Britain - 10 percent." - underlined PIE. Almost half of the ice cream sold abroad went to these three countries. The "made in Poland" ice cream products are also popular with consumers from more distant countries, incl. Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Gambia, Australia and South Africa.

Analysts pointed out that Poland imports over 60 percent. less ice cream than they export. In 2020, 36.3 thousand people were brought to our country. tons of ice cream worth 82 million euro. "The structure of imports was dominated by products that did not contain milk fat (approx. 64% of the value of ice cream imports)" - analysts calculated. The remaining part is ice cream containing milk fat (over 3% of fat mass). The main suppliers of ice cream are Germany (25.7% of Polish ice cream imports), Spain (12.8%), Hungary (11.3%) and Lithuania (9.6%) - summarized. (PAP)

author: Magdalena Jarco

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