World Fruit and Vegetable Day - do we remember about them every day?

World Fruit and Vegetable Day - do we remember about them every day?

The average Pole currently eats only 7 medium-sized apples a month. That's half the age of 20 years ago and the trend is downward. We definitely want to reverse it. On the occasion of the World Fruit and Vegetable Day, we encourage Polish apples to return to their rightful place in the diets of Poles. According to WHO recommendations, we should eat a minimum of 400 grams of fruit and vegetables a day. According to many nutritionists, this number should even be doubled. There is something to work on. The average European eats around 340 grams of fruit and vegetables a day. Poles only 280 grams. Let's make sure that the Polish apple is one of the daily portions of fruit and vegetables in our diet.


Apple - a fruit we can be proud of

In 2019, 3.85 million tons of fruit were harvested in Poland, of which the vast majority - as much as 3 million tons were apples. Poland is one of the world's best in terms of the export of this fruit in the form of fresh and concentrated apple juice. So you can say with absolute certainty that apples are our national good. Despite the huge popularity of Polish apples abroad - they are losing popularity in Poland and are not properly appreciated by consumers. Poles choose imported fruit too often, forgetting the opinions of nutritionists who constantly argue that domestic fruit is an excellent component of the diet and is a source of essential vitamins and other nutrients.

How many apples do we eat?

“In the last two decades, the average annual consumption of apples per inhabitant of Poland has fallen from approx. 25 kg by half - to approx. 12-13 kg. For comparison, our neighbours - the Germans consume about 20 kg of this fruit annually. Based on the data from the last 15-20 years, two general trends can be observed: an increase in apple production in Poland and a decrease in apple consumption among domestic consumers, ”says Witold Boguta - president of the National Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers (KZGPOiW).


“We conduct a number of activities aimed at reversing similar trends, both regarding apples and other Polish fruit, as well as vegetables, juices and other preserves. An example of such promotion is the + CuTE: Cultivating the taste of Europe + campaign, in which we encourage Poles to rediscover the taste and nutritional value of native apples ”- adds Witold Boguta.

World Fruit and Vegetable Day

By a decision of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), October 16, 2020, is the World Day of Fruit and Vegetables.

This year's celebrations will be honoured by a unique illumination at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, which from 7.00 p.m. that day will be illuminated with five colours of lights that symbolize the characteristic colour groups of fruits and vegetables: yellow (e.g. carrots, pumpkin, carrot juice); red (e.g. tomatoes, red apples, cherries, cherries, strawberries, peppers); green (e.g. spinach, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, cucumber, gooseberries, asparagus); purple (e.g. eggplant, chokeberry, black currants, blueberries, dark grapes) and white (e.g. onion, leek, mushrooms, garlic, cabbage, chicory).

You won't have to wait long for the next occasions to celebrate. By the decision of the UN General Assembly, 2021 was proclaimed the World Year of Fruits and Vegetables.

CuTE: Cultivating the Taste of Europe

"CuTE: Cultivating the Taste of Europe" is an information and promotion campaign conducted in 2019-2021 by FruitVegetablesEUROPE (EUCOFEL), the European Fruit and Vegetable Trade Association. The Polish partner of the project is the National Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers (KZGPOiW). The project is co-financed by the European Union.

More information about the campaign is available on the official website of the project, also in Polish:  and in social media. (PAP)