UNICEF: Teachers should be given priority over Covid-19 immunization

UNICEF: Teachers should be given priority over Covid-19 immunization

UNICEF has called for teachers to be included in the Covid-19 immunization program as soon as healthcare professionals and the most vulnerable are vaccinated. This is an important step to get education back to normal, the organization said in a statement released on Tuesday.

"The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated education systems around the world. Vaccinating teachers is a key step towards their return to normalcy," UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) said in a statement.

The organization, therefore, calls for teachers to be given priority when they receive the Covid-19 vaccine and to be enrolled in the immunization program right after health care workers and those at high risk. "This will help protect teachers from the virus, allow them to teach in schools and ultimately ensure that schools are open," UNICEF underlines.

The United Nations agency calculates that almost 90% of schools were not attended by schools due to the pandemic. students around the world. Since then, this percentage has been falling, on December 1, 320 million students were not enrolled in full-time education, i.e. every fifth student in the world.

UNICEF stresses that there is still an unsubstantiated belief that school closures may slow the spread of the disease. Meanwhile, there is growing evidence that schools are not the primary sites of transmission, the organization points out.


The statement also noted that the consequences of interrupting or disrupting education are particularly acute for the most marginalized groups. Further school closures also make it difficult for parents to return to the labour market if they had to give up their job to look after their children.

"We should do everything we can to secure the future of the next generation. The first step is to ensure the safety of those who are responsible for opening the way for them to this future" - reads the UNICEF appeal (PAP)

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