What are the negative side effects of too much screen time

What are the negative side effects of too much screen time

 Nowadays it's difficult to deal with screen time which means the time we spend on our computers, laptops and mobile phones from children to adults maximum amount of time we are using electronic devices. Myopia, Hypermetropia, cataract, retina damage are one of the worst side effects of too much screen effects. Also, it affects your posture and causes pain in the shoulder and neck .

Few Commonly observed Side effects are 

  1. Sleep deprivation 


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Using digital devices before bedtime has proven that it becomes difficult for you to fall asleep. The lights emitted from the screen interferes with the production of the sleep hormone melatonin in the body. 

So cutting our screen time would be a great solution to this problem.

  1. 2. Increased risk of obesity


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Spending most of the time in front of screens is directly proportional to avoiding physical activity and exercise.This causes obesity especially if you have snacks quite a lot or junk food while watching a movie on TV or laptops.Its scientifically proven that sitting long hours using digital devices can cause spike of insulin which leads to accumulation of fat in your bloodstream. One of the scariest consequences is loss of cognitive skills. Loss of Cognitive skills leads to low concentration, weaker memory, slower grasping power and weaker impulse control – these effects are particularly worrying when it comes to children, whose brains are still developing.


3.Lower Self-esteem


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People have become introverted due to living in the virtual world. Instead they just forget they should spend more time building relationships with friends, family members. Spending  quality time with our loved ones can not only bring happiness but also we may get rid of overthinking.People are busy making themselves look better on social media rather than enhancing their actual real personality.

In this whole era of the digital world, we are not telling you to stay totally away from screens.

Of Course, we can't as most of our office work or any other work are on our mobiles and laptops. But Yes, we can help you out how you can wisely use it which will help you to be away from screens for a few hours

  • Keep your Smartphone outside the bedroom
  • While having breakfast, lunch or dinner make a rule of screen free zone


Another good practice could be switch on the night mode and lower screen brightness when you are using your device in the evening.

 Focus on staying in the real world not a virtual world….


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