Why Social Media Could Be Ruining Your Health

Social media platforms are a great way to stay connected to friends and family and provide us with a way
to express ourselves and have some emotional support, but mostly Social media has a very damaging
effect on the well being of its users, which has been well admitted by Facebook executives. Research
has shown that Instagram is the worst social media as it adversely hampers mental health and is
responsible for the self-esteem issue, as depicted in the survey.


Here are some ways in which social
media may be ruining your health.http://www.tqlkg.com/image-8076976-13400566

 Social Media Addiction
The addiction to Social media has been compared to addiction to cigarettes or alcohol. You
may be facing an addiction to social media if it is affecting your daily life in a negative way.
Checking your Twitter feed every few minutes or spending hours on Snapchat and Instagram
impulsively so that it makes you restless without it is not a good sign for your well-being.


 False Information
Social media is flooded with fake news and information, so if one does not exercise caution
it can have dangerous consequences. Rumors about our surroundings can cause
unnecessary stress. Unchecked medical information and self- medication based off on social
media forwards and posts may even be fatal. You must always consult your doctor before
taking drugs or herbs mention on the web.

 Fear of Missing Out
All the posts on Social media about events, parties, and travels of our friends and celebrities
make us feel like we are missing out on life and can cause anxiety. We feel inadequate in our
own life and by comparing our lives to other people’s social media reels we can suffer from
major self- esteem issues.http://www.tqlkg.com/image-8076976-13400566

 Sleep Problems
The light from our smartphone screens can disrupt our REM sleep patterns and make it
difficult to have a good night’s rest. Poor sleep cycle results in many health complications
like weight gain, migraines, lack of energy and it will make you feel tired all day and difficult
to get work done.

 Eyesight Damage
Long hours surfing Social media can strain out your eyes. The light from smartphone screens
may result in a poor eyesight and chronic headaches.

 Anxiety and Depression
The adverse effect of social media on mental health has been well documented. Sometimes
social media can be a very negative space with not a lot of place for positive self-expression.
With the increase in presence of internet trolls more and more people are suffering from
depression, anxiety and body image issues.

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