Make Your Sweet home Smart

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Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) - Smart Speaker with Alexa

To make your home smarter Alexa will help you a lot because it is operated by your voice and you can control to play music, ask questions, make calls, send and receive messages. It can be also helpful for control multiple devices of your home and schedule its operations according to your comfort. Future is calling you to make your home smart home so try Alexa for your home and make your life so easy. 



Two-way Wireless Smoke Detector

To save your home from fire this is best gadget and important for you to buy because there is no time to waste when the fire is burning. This 6050 is compatible with the two-way wireless transceiver and can connect to multiple smoke detectors to make your home safer.

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By using this you can make sure your home is safe because in terms of home or family security we should not take the risk.



Keychain remote for 2 devices

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By using this device you can control your home light by pressing some buttons. This tiny key chain has four buttons which can give you the flexibility to turn off lights or make it dim. So to save your home light and make your life easy you can use this remote. By using this key chain you will never have to enter your home in the dark again!


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