Tropical Sands - Kelaa

Tropical Sands - Kelaa
The island of kelaa is known for its white sandy beaches and exotic green. Experience the island life on the sandy beaches of Kelaa

CTropical Sands, Rahdhebai Magu, Kelaa, Haa Alifu Atoll, Maldives Tel: (+960) 7778481, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.tropicalsandskelaa.comome and experience Tropical Sands hotel at Kelaa island in Maldives

Written by: kwanjira

Tropical Sands is an amalgam boutique hotel located
conveniently in the heart of Kelaa Island, which is part of the wider Maldives Island.
Kelaa is an exotic and green beach and resort destination. The hotel features
several top -notch amenities and suites, tailor- made for all types of guests.
In addition, the resort serves its guests with transnational cuisines and fancy
wines prepared and collected by one of the world best food and wine

While at the hotel, guests are attended to by warm and
welcoming attendant, right from its front office. In the morning, there is on
offer a hot or cold breakfast, prepared to suit both contemporary and local
dietary needs. During the afternoon hours, visitors are treated to
international cuisines which they can take at the hotel outdoor facility. The
ambiance and serenity serve to enrich the meal experience. This also enhances
the hotel utility as an enclave for romance and honeymoon.

There are several recreational activities that guest can
indulge themselves in while at the resort. First, the hotel is just some meters
away from the beach and thus visitors can spend a lazy afternoon on the white
sandy beaches sunbathing or swimming. The weather is also warm and the breeze
coming from the ocean is greatly appealing.

Adventurous guests can indulge themselves in several games
such as snorkeling, scuba diving, skiing and deep sea -diving. The hotel has a
team of professionals to guide and train their guest on some of these games
such as snorkeling. Kayaking boats are also availed at the hotel, and the sea
is incredibly ready for this adventure. This enhances the hotel supremacy as a
perfect vacation destination.

For family, friends or relatives, reunion, there are a
variety of beach activities to take part in. vacationers coming with their kids
will find the secure and clean beach to be accommodating a great deal. Visitors
can play volleyball, netball, or even build sand castles on the white sandy
beaches, which can add up to the thrill of their kids. The water sports and
activities are a great source of reunion with friends and workmates as well as

In the evening, guests can take excursions and walks into
the jungle where they can experience for themselves the other greatest wonder
of Kelaa Island, the most beautiful beach in the Maldives. The kelaa beach is
also revered for historical connections, as the name itself is deeply rooted in
history. The name kelaa means Sandalwood that is prevalent in the area. There
are other historical attractions such as the British RAF.

During the night, guests can relax in the comfort suites
available in the resort. Its lounge provides a great view of the area
vegetation, and scenery of the night sea with its glaring blue color under the
moon. Each of the suites is well fitted with top-notch amenities such as hot
and tropical bath, loungers, entertainment gadgets and free Wi-Fi. Guests with shopping needs can do so in
downtown Maldives which is awash with several convenient and gift stores. There
is also an elaborate transport and communication infrastructure. The resort is
also located conveniently near several other five- star beach hotels.

Tropical Sands hotel at Kelaa island in Maldives