The voting machine maker is demanding compensation from Fox News

The voting machine maker is demanding compensation from Fox News

The manufacturer of voting machines and systems, Dominion Voting Systems, filed a lawsuit on Friday against US television Fox News over material accusing DVS of rigging the US presidential election. The company is demanding $ 1.6 billion in damages.

The lawsuit states that the DVS accuses the right-wing television of "selling a false story about electoral fraud for its own commercial purposes, severely damaging" the company. "Truth matters. Lies have consequences," the company said.

The case is about duplicating and publicizing conspiracy theories put forward by Donald Trump's campaign lawyer, Sidney Powell. Powell accused the company of participating in a global conspiracy allegedly linking, among others, DVS, former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and the US Democratic Party, which was to lead to the rigging of the 2020 presidential election in favor of Joe Biden.

Following the threat of a lawsuit from the DVS, Fox News included corrections and material disproving Powell's theories in some reports. However, the company says it has repeatedly approached Fox News to clarify the matter, but the station ignored the attempts.

"It was a deliberate business decision to endorse, repeat and broadcast these lies to maintain viewership," said DVS attorney Justin Nelson.

In February, television received a similar lawsuit from voting systems company Smartmatic USA, which was also allegedly involved in the alleged conspiracy.

Previously, DVS sued Powell herself, Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and the head of MyPillow company Mike Lindell over their dissemination of theories defying DVS.

Powell's lawyers appealed to the court on Wednesday to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing, inter alia, that "no rational person could come to the conclusion that these statements (concerning electoral fraud - PAP) were true statements of facts" and not merely opinions expressed by a lawyer. (PAP)