A conference for leaders in the stylistic and cosmetic industry

A conference for leaders in the stylistic and cosmetic industry

The conference will bring together the leaders of the stylistic and cosmetic industry to talk about fashion, beautiful appearance and entrepreneurship.

SEATTLE and LOS ANGELES - (BUSINESS WIRE) -  Glamhive has announced its fourth online conference on February 27, 2021. The Glamhive Digital Winter Style and Beauty Summit will be attended by leading representatives and representatives of the world of fashion and beauty, from the stylist responsible for the image of Kristen Bell, after Cindy Eckert, founder of companies and investor in companies opened by women, valued at one billion dollars. Innovative leaders will discuss fashion, beauty, entrepreneurship and more. The event will be hosted by Stephanie Sprangers and Nicole Chavez.

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“I love being part of Glamhive's fashion and beauty events, especially in these difficult times. These conferences build a sense of community that is lacking in the creative world, and besides, I have established great relationships with other artists, ”said Nicole Chavez, celebrity stylist. Nicole is one of the most popular stylists today. Her clientele includes top celebrities, including Kristen Bell, Rachel Bilson, Jessica Simpson, Ellie Bamber, Scarlett Johansson and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Her work can be seen in a number of magazines including W, InStyle and Harper's Bazaar.

“Glamhive's vision is to bring personal styling to anyone, wherever they are, and our digital events complement it perfectly. The good thing about last year is that we got the opportunity to transfer our style conferences to the digital sphere, so everyone, wherever they are, has a chance to meet and learn from the best representatives of the industry "- said the founder and CEO. Glamhive. Stephanie Sprangers is the Founder and CEO of Glamhive, an online personal styling service that gives everyone access to renowned styling and makeup professionals and specialists recruited directly from Hollywood and Instagram. Glamhive has developed proprietary software,

During this all-day ticketed event, over 60 speakers and lecturers will perform. Below is an overview of some of the topics that will be addressed by invited stars.


The event will be divided into 22 segments, consisting of two thematic blocks. Those are:

Red Carpet Style: Create iconic looks

Trends of 2021: Post-pandemic style,

Style game win: Vintage is your secret weapon,

Styling rules: How to get the best style of your life,

Beauty Boss Babe: Interview with Jamie Kern Lima,

Everything you need to know about "easy" hair,

Let's socialize: The best trends on Instagram and TikTok,

Fashion Astrology: with Susan Miller,

Not only the visible: What do your clothes say about you?

Return on investment in style: Why does it pay off to dress well?

How I created it: Great advice from women who made it to the top.


Speakers and speakers include famous figures from the world of styling, makeup and image creation who work with the biggest names in Hollywood and beyond, including stars such as Angelina Jolie, Serena Williams, Mandy Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Bell, Khloe Kardashian, Robert Downey Jr., Keanu Reeves, Sharon Stone, Serena Williams, Miranda Lambert, Julianne Moore and many more.


Nicole Chavez, Jill + Jordan, Jeanne Yang, Jennifer Rade, Tara Swennen, Janelle Miller, Lindsey Dupuis, Tiffany Gifford, Kesha McLoud I Sonia Young.


Tommy Buckett, Todd Harris, Diana Madison, Danny Moon, AJ Crimson I Helen Reavey.


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Brian Underwood (O Magazine), Brooke Jaffe (Penske Media), Pandora Amoratis (Daily Mail), Andrea Lavanthal (PEOPLE), Robin Nazzaro (O Magazine), Alexis Bennett (Vogue) I Kibwe Chase-Marshall (The Kelly Initiative).

Day tickets to the conference are $ 149. The sponsor representing the Glamhive Digital Winter Style and Beauty Summit conference is Mary Kay and Mary Kay Global Design Studio.

For more information, visit  www.glamhive.com/upcoming.


Glamhive was founded in 2017 by Stephanie Sprangers, whose vision was to democratize the creation of one's own style based on the assumption that the confidence that an attractive appearance gives should not be exclusive to the rich and famous.

The online styling platform gives anyone with Wi-Fi access to stylists who will support you to become the best version of yourself. For stylists, it's an easy-to-use yet comprehensive platform that helps them grow their customer network and business 100 percent virtually.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay Ash, one of the first women to break the so-called glass ceiling, more than 56 years ago she founded a cosmetics company to achieve three goals: create an attractive offer for women, create dazzling products and make the world a better place. From this dream, a billion-dollar company was born, working with millions of independent consultants and consultants in almost 40 countries. Mary Kay conducts scientific research to create cutting-edge skincare, colour cosmetics, fragrances and dietary supplements. Mary Kay is committed to empowering women and their families by collaborating with organizations around the world, focusing on cancer research, helping victims of domestic violence, beautifying our surroundings and encouraging children to make their dreams come true. Mary Kay Ash's vision lives on thanks to the company's remarkable products. More information is available on the website MaryKay.com.