Google fined € 220 million for internet advertising

Google fined € 220 million for internet advertising

The French competition authority said on Monday that it had fined Google € 220 million for favoring its own online advertising services.

Google "did not contest the facts" and the fine was imposed as part of a settlement procedure with the American giant, the competition authority said in a statement.

"The Authority noted that Google has granted preferential treatment to its proprietary technologies offered under the Google Ad Manager brand," the statement said. advertising space - PAP) and publishers of portals and mobile applications, especially press publishers.

In addition to the financial sanction, Google has offered commitments to solve the problems identified in the investigation of the French antitrust authority, the AFP agency reports.

Google said on Monday it will test changes to its widely used online advertising services in the coming months following the French government's decision. The company also said it plans to implement these changes "on a larger scale, including some globally," Reuters reported.

"This is a breakthrough decision" because "it is the first decision in the world to examine the complex algorithmic sales processes that make online + display + advertising work (displayed, for example, in the form of advertising banners on websites or pop-up windows - PAP)" - she emphasized President of the office Isabelle de Silva at the press conference.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, achieved in the first quarter of this year. $ 55.31 billion in revenue, driven mainly by online advertising. In several countries, the company is involved in litigation in the field of competition law. (PAP)