Marketing vs. Sales - Objective similar, but not the same

Marketing vs. Sales - Objective similar, but not the same

The business strategy of most companies puts sales in the first place - no wonder, it generates profit. But can sales be effective without proper advertising? Does advertising guarantee sales? Can these two departments cooperate?

According to most traders, an attractive price is needed for sales to be effective. Attractive, i.e. the lowest on the market, the lowest, i.e. generating a small profit. 


This is where marketing comes into play. While the price is actually one of the main drivers of consumer purchase, it's important to remember that it's not the primary driver. Example: When going to one of the well-known chain stores, we can choose Coca-Cola and a similar drink, but produced for the store's brand. Despite the price, which in the case of Coca Cola is twice as high, we choose it relatively more often. Why? Because it is a brand whose quality and packaging have been known for a long time. 

Marketing always aims to increase your sales profits - but it doesn't do it immediately or directly. Its task is to build brand recognition, a positive image and gain a position on the market. It is a long process - having seen an advertisement once, it probably will not stick in our minds, having seen it several times - yes. Appropriate marketing influences consumers so that the product is associated with the brand, not the brand with the product. Then the customer, aware that I am buying "sure" - because he has seen the product so many times - is able to pay more. 

So yes, sales and marketing can work together. For maximum profits - they should. 

How to start building a positive image of your company?

Everyone will agree that the Internet has revolutionized commerce. Including marketing. Currently, it is the most popular source of information, slowly even buying ... So let's look for customers where there are the most of them. Online advertising is the most effective way to build your brand.

Start by identifying the group of customers, recipients of your ad. Everything matters - age, gender, hobbies, websites your potential customers visit. Internet advertising has many possibilities - so it is worth using the appropriate target and various advertising channels. 

Your brand development matters and we can help you with that. 

We are Tal-com's international marketing platform that shares information about the products and services of individual companies with Internet users around the world. Every day, articles, landing pages and banners published on Tal-com reach thousands of users around the world. We create effective, contemporary marketing. Our professionals will help you build relationships, recognition and brand on the web.

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