YouTube launched a service to compete with TikTok

YouTube launched a service to compete with TikTok

YouTube launched the Shorts service in the US on Thursday, enabling easy mobile editing and publishing of short videos. This is the company's response to the popularity of TikTok, an application with very similar functions.

As stated in the announcement, YouTube Shorts will be gradually introduced from Thursday only in the United States in the test version. It is an additional option in the website's mobile application, not a separate application. The service was available in India in September, coming to the market shortly after the country banned the use of the Chinese-based application. According to the company, the website has over 6.5 billion page views every day. TikTok has approximately 700 million users worldwide, of which approximately 100 million are in the US.

Last year, the US threatened to block this and other applications from China. American President Donald Trump, but in February this year. new president Joe Biden has withdrawn from legal action against ByteDance, which owns TikTok.

As the specialist portal The Verge notes, the Shorts feature, which allows users to quickly edit short movies with pre-made background music, resembles a TikTok clone, although so far it has more limited functions, especially when it comes to interaction and collaboration between users. Videos posted using Shorts can be up to 15 seconds, while on TikToku the limit has been raised to 60 seconds.

As YouTube representative Todd Sherman said, the new service was created primarily for younger users.

"I think the real essence of Shorts is to empower a new generation of creators who may have thought too hard to create on YouTube before," said Sherman, quoted by the portal. (PAP)

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