3 Ways In which A Polo Neck T-Shirt Makes You Look Classy

3 Ways In which A Polo Neck T-Shirt Makes You Look Classy

Tees, tank-Tops, linen shirts are the few favourites goto options which men usually opt for. But if you want to get away from these regular favorites then you can definitely style yourself with polo neck shirts. It will look very smart and classy. Here we've got 3 Ways to style your polo neck shirts..

1.Polo Shirt with Formal trousers


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With a formal vibe, Polo t-shirts look really elegant when you try it out with formal trousers and dress shoes. It can be a perfect match for office attire. Go for blue, white polo shirts which can make your appearance more attractive.


2.Go for Polo shirt with a Mix n Match Suit


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That's exactly how you can replace your shirt with polo t-shirts. The mix-match suit will be a unique match. You can also go for a denim jacket over it. It will also prove to be one of the classier ways to wear your polo shirts.


3.Untucked polo t-shirt with a sporty shoe


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This outfit can definitely be a try-out. If you are in a mood to wear casuals then untucked polo t-shirt with the sporty shoe can turn out to be a smart casual.

Do try out these combinations.It can be a perfect match and will also get you rid from usual attires...


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