The Best Men's Taper Haircuts

The Best Men's Taper Haircuts

If you are confused which hairstyle to go for, then Taper Haircuts are one of the trending haircuts of 2019 for men. Although cool short and long taper hairstyles have always been popular, the renewed interest in this classic style is likely the result of its stylish versatility.Check out the best taper haircuts for the latest trends.

What Is A Taper Haircut?

The taper haircut is the process of trimming men’s hair on the sides and back shorter gradually.There are many different types of taper haircuts that determine how high or low to start the taper.

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Low Taper Haircut

The low taper is a classy cut. With the hair tapering just above the ears and hairline, a low taper haircut is the most conservative. Low tapers are often the favorite of businessmen and professionals who need a stylish gentleman’s haircut for the office but want to avoid exposing too much scalp.

Mid Taper Haircut

The mid taper focuses on blending the hair at a middle point. A medium taper haircut is not as edgy as the high taper, but styles nicely for business professionals.

High Taper Haircut

A high taper starts near the top of the sides, creating more of a contrast between the short sides and longer top. High taper haircuts are stylish and popular, and can be further tailored with a line up around the hairline.

Best Tapered Haircuts

1.Tapered Sideburns

Similar to a beard fade, guys can taper their sideburns. While you first need to grow a full beard, tapered sideburns allow your hair on the sides to blend into your facial hair for a unique but attractive finish.

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2.Low Taper Fade with Angular Fringe and Beard

For guys who have thick or curly hair , fringe is a good hairstyle for them to choose for. If you are having a difficult time styling your hair, a fade on the sides combined with a messy fringe on top is an easy yet trendy look any guy can pull off.

3.Quiff with Short Tapered Hair

If you have beautiful short to medium-length hair, a textured quiff is a cool hairstyle to try. You can get a high skin fade or undercut on the sides, or opt for a more conservative tapered cut.


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