Why Men's Day is also important?

Why Men's Day is also important?

In the current era, everybody is equal but somewhere we are talking about men's security and care, this is also important because when it comes to health and security we need to discuss everyone. Let's discuss four pillars of Men's day:

1. Enhancing gender relations.

2. Focusing on gender equality.

3. Promoting positive men role models.

4. To also focus on men's and boy's physical health.


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We need to understand that men's mental health is very important and it seems they are hard and tough but every one needs care. When we are talking about gender equality we need to take care of everyone.

We know some great quotes from great people which we must remember:

"A great man is different from an eminent one in that he is ready to be the servant of the society." - B.R. Ambedkar

Let's understand why Men's Day:

This is celebrated worldwide to men who are breaking the stereotype and making a positive impact on society.

Happy Men's day to whom who are making good for our society.


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