Carsmile-The first subscription electrician's showroom has been launched

Carsmile-The first subscription electrician's showroom has been launched

The first subscription electrician's showroom with 20 models of various car brands has started, Carsmile reported. She added that electrics in Poland are rented mainly "per company", and the average monthly subscription is 2.7 thousand. PLN net.

According to the Vice President of Carsmile, Michał Knitter, in 5 years, every second new car registered in rich European countries will be electric. "In Poland, in five years' time, every fourth new car hitting the road should be zero-emission," he predicts.

He pointed out that there are 20 models of electricians of various car brands available in the e-showroom, of which there will be more as the market develops and automotive concerns expand their offer. "These are cars of different class, body and equipment. The price of the cheapest one (Renault ZOE) starts from PLN 1,400 net per month with an own contribution of PLN 10,000 net and a contract for 3 years (insurance, service, tires included in the subscription price) The most expensive currently available is the Porsche Taycan, which costs PLN 8105 net per month with own contribution of PLN 20,000 net "- he announced.

He added that the average subscription for an electric car in an e-showroom is currently PLN 2.7 net. a rental period from 2 to 5 years.

As he noted, electrics in Poland are rented mainly "by company", due to the possibility of using VAT and PIT deductions.

As he emphasized, a real revolution in the field of electromobility awaits us in the coming years. "Statistics show how much still needs to be done. In the EU - according to ACEA data - 10.5 percent of new passenger cars registered in 2020 were electrics, tripling their share compared to 2019. But in Norway, where since In 2025, it will not be possible to register a car with an internal combustion engine, every second new car is zero-emission. Meanwhile, there are about 13,000 passenger cars and fully electric vans on Polish roads "- he indicated.

author: Longina Grzegórska-Szpyt